Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So this is what it feels like to have horseshoes up your ass

Holy luck of the draw! As I write this I’m sitting past security waiting for my flight at Heathrow airport. The past few days have been absolute insanity for people here. The majority of flights have been cancelled or severely delayed, and the terminal looks like a posh refugee camp. Heathrow is allowing 1/3 of flights to depart today, and Delta is running 4 of its 7 flights and I’m fortunate to be on one of those 4. Plus, as it stands now my flight is completely on time. If all goes well the next obstacle will be connecting through Minneapolis (which contrary to what one friend thought, is not the home of Superman). 

I can’t believe it was over 4 months ago that I sat in Calgary airport writing a blog post about the adventures ahead. This has easily been the quickest 4 months of my entire life. In some ways I feel I should have done more, but at the same time I’ve done quite a bit. Since arriving in the UK I’ve:

-          Run 2 half marathons 
-          Started my MA and so far my marks are looking got for a 1st
-          Had a song played on BBC Radio Wales
-          Finalized the line up (well, almost) for Panda...I love those boys
-          Recorded an EP
-          Play our first live gig with Panda
-          Started learning a new language
-          Discovered a passion for cheese and chips, and invented my own version (the double layer C&C)
-          Gained at least 5 pounds (see the last point)
-          Landed a decent job with really awesome people
-          Spent 3 weekends in London
-          Learned the art of epic procrastination
-          Spent way, way, way too much money

All in all its been a good autumn...now on to Christmas!!!!

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