Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prairie Purgatory

By purgatory I don’t mean anything derogatory, although some may argue that time spent in Calgary is a form of punishment. For me I'm simply in a self-inflicted limbo. I’ve packed up my life, said goodbye and returned ‘home’ while I await my imminent departure to the UK. If Catholic purgatory were potentially as pleasant as Calgary purgatory then I’d happily convert and commit some venial sins. The days ahead promise to be full reconnecting with family and friends, relaxing, and hopefully relieving some of my parents’ burden by helping out a bit. It’s not a bad way to segue into my new life…but first I need to figure out a way to make my luggage lighter…perhaps my physicist brother can come up with a way to temporarily convert my belongings into some weightless substance, or perhaps he can invent the first anti-gravity suitcase.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I forgot I'd have to say goodbye

So here I am in the last 2 days of gainful employment before heading off to my UK post grad adventures and it's starting to sink in: I'm leaving for a long time. I have to say goodbye to a lot of people, a routine and a lifestyle I've grown to really like. This less than profound realization comes after I've already said goodbye to some very dear friends. I almost feel a little guilty because this time next month I'll be immersed in a new world and a new life with new people...I almost feel unfaithful!

Today's the day of my farewell lunch, where I'll say goodbye to some of the people I've worked with for the past 5 years. I've trained my super wonderful fantastic replacement and I'm pretty sure life here will continue (and possibly be more productive) without me. Granted they'll be hard pressed to find someone else to bring in a regular supply of fruit filled scones, but I think I'll miss them more than they'll miss my baking. They're good people.

Of course I also have to say goodbye to the people who filled my spare time with adventures and giggles - the people who make my life fun, whose company I enjoy, and who listen to my rants and stupid jokes. I'm going to have to find new people to do random things with, eat with, drink with...the list goes on.

So, I thought I'd make a list of some of the people and things in BC that I'll miss...and to which I'll hopefully return in just over 1 year's time.

In no particular order:

- After work drinks with the girls
- Living blocks away from Bikram yoga, botiques, a wine bar, several coffee shops and a boardwalk perfect for running...the 'hood' is not so bad...for those of you who judge
- Walking and talking with Kelly
- Being Marni's 'wife'
- Hosting dinner parties too big for my tiny place...they're 'cozy'
- Sharing an office with other actors
- Random adventures with Erin
- Epic conversations over pad thai with Kristy
- Allan's silly quacking and mispronouncation of my name
- My co workers and all their friendly quirks and charms
- International cullinary adventures
- The Pacific Ocean, the mountains, the weather
- Getting out of the burbs and into the city to catch up with friends
- Good venues with great bands
- The mossy, earthy smell of the rainforest we live in
- Not ever getting around to hiking all the trails and mountains, but knowing that they're there anyway
- Sushi

...and that's just a start