Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Neis Cwrdd a Chi NHS!!!

Translation: Nice to meet you National Health Service. 

This is a record, even for me...and unfortunately I'm not talking about half marathon finish times. 2 weeks, two rounds of antibiotics for two completely unrelated infections. I'm thinking I may need to slow down just a touch. Work, music, school, socializing and running seem to be catching up with me. I should probably also lay off that ubiquitous and odious South Walian delicacy...cheese and chips. Ugh. I’ve eaten my weight in greasy, curd laden spuds in the past fortnight. Granted, it did prove to be an excellent carbing up meal, but really. I’m not running an ultimate.

According to the wonderful marathon-running doctor at the university medical centre, it’s not uncommon to catch something after a half or full run, so that made me feel a bit better for coming down with a sinus infection within 48 hours of crossing the finish line. That doesn’t explain the latest bug, which I won’t spell out but only allude to by saying cranberry helps and hurts. I’m only ranting about my tragedies in the hope that someone out there will be moved enough by my pathetic state to donate towards the charity I’m trying to support this coming Sunday...hint, hint ;) 

On a positive note, classes are now underway! 8 hours of Welsh lessons and I can officially call someone an idiot, say I’m taking the dog for a walk and ask you for your phone number and where you’re going for a meal tonight. All very useful ;) (Twpsyn; Dwi’n mynd i ci am dro;  Beth yw’ch rhif ffon? Ble wyt ti’n mynd i bryd o fwyd heno?). I’ve also attended one history seminar, which was very basic and informal, but full of potentially interesting people. However, the evening prior to this I attended a small video link seminar during which time two senior members of faculty from my department did that infamous slumbering head bob.  I’m hoping this indiscretion on their parts buys me a bit of credit when my turn comes, because given my recent schedule and current condition it’s only a matter of time.

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